What if I told
you freelancing
could be easy?


Set yourself free by going beyond

the typical freelance lifestyle

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First we want more customers.

Then we want our freedom back.

Are you falling victim to the freelance trap?

As a starting freelancer, you are craving a full schedule. But once you have an abundance of customers, you’ll want your time and freedom back!
This is what I call ’The Freelance Trap’. Sounds familiar? Let’s find out how to get you out of this damned thing!

Craft your work around your life.

Not the other way around.

Sounds like a plan… but how?

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Let’s be honest: it’s hard to craft your freelance life because of all the work that needs to be done! How will you ever find the time to even think about this? That’s where I come in. I’ll function as your calm beacon in the middle of a rough ocean. In the midsts of it, I’ll help you decide whether to go left or right. Whether to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Whether to ask for more time or more money. You’ll make decisions aligned with what you want from life in the long run. And after a while, you will master your freelance life while doing it.

SOS Calls

Transform your

Are you in the middle of a tricky negotiation? Did a customer ask you to make an offer, but it’s hard to come up with a reasonable price? Are you looking for a way to say no to a good customer?

These are just a few examples of the many tricky situations you’re facing as a freelancer. During my SOS calls, I help you clarify these types of decisions and even support you in actualizing your next steps.

What will you tell your customer? And how can you thoughtfully deliver your message? During these calls, we simulate tough conversations or even write emails to your customers together.

An SOS call costs 150€. In exchange you get a strategy to change your situation and have peace of mind!

So what are you waiting for?


The Freelance Trap

For hands-on clarity

In ½ day we’re diving deep into your business. Are you feeling a little stuck? Or just worried you’re headed towards the freelance trap? Maybe you have a big customer that asks too much of your time or energy. Or your business is growing, but it’s hard to see how to move beyond some hurdles you’re experiencing. Let’s scan your business together!

During this scan, you’ll get clarity on…

  1. The red flags to be aware of so you don’t get (deeper) into the freelance trap.
  2. Decisions you’ll need to make for moving forward in your business.
  3. How to actualize your next steps. (For example: How to say ‘no’ to a good customer from now on? We’ll simulate this conversation or even write emails together!)

Your investment for your
ideal business set-up: 450€

Workshops &

For learning how to
go beyond freelancing

One of the greatest assets of a freelancer is an endless curiosity and the will to keep on learning.

That’s why I collected the best courses for you that will teach you how to move beyond the conventional freelance life. I even created a couple of classes myself. The latest one is on how to decide between an hourly rate or a project fee.

Next to the skillshare courses, I also organize flight-simulator workshops on various freelancing topics. The next one coming up is: How to get your pitch straight.


These people already tested the waters before you…

I don’t know what you expect from an advisor, but for me, that person is someone who knows how to listen and give you the freedom to think your way.
Frankly, contact Frederik if you need it because he is 100 times better in person.

Raquel M Castellano

Social Media Marketing Strategist, KOO

Blessed insights gained during – what was initially intended as – an exploratory conversation with Frederik Daneels.

The connection was immediately great, and I’m not just talking about the internet connection 😀

It is possible, to connect via video call!

Jocelijn Geurts

Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship, Axudo

Frederik Daneels, who is an important pillar of support to this day, unburdens me, makes me better, and pushes me and Connexi to a higher level.

Bert Vandebuerie

Connecting entrepreneurs, Connexi

What if I already have a coach?

That’s not a problem at all. We can co-exist next to each other. 😉

The difference with a coach is that I’m sitting in the trenches right beside you as your freelance buddy. I’ve freelanced for over 10 years. I know what it’s like to feel insecure about moving forward when bumping into various customer questions. It’s not just about dreaming about your ideal life. Often, it’s about knowing when to say yes or no. It’s about negotiating your way out of potentially damaging situations.

Can't my partner or friend be my freelance buddy?

You don’t want to become someone who can’t stop talking business during dinner at the kitchen table or keep highjacking a friend at every party to discuss your business plans. Talking to a fellow freelancer about your current challenges can do miracles! There’s a time to talk business and a time to have fun with friends. Don’t burden one with the other.

What makes you so different?

Most people tell me I bring a calming energy to every meeting. I help them zoom out a little. Give them a sense of the ocean they’re swimming in, so they don’t get caught in the intensity of every single wave. So let’s have a call and find out if I can do the same for you!

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