What if I told
you running a 

could be easy?


Set yourself free by going beyond

the typical freelance lifestyle

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First we want more customers.

Then we want our freedom back.

Are you falling victim to the freelance trap?

As a starting freelancer or entrepeneur, you are craving a full schedule. But once you have an abundance of customers, you’ll want your time and freedom back!
This is what I call ’The Freelance Trap’. Sounds familiar? Let’s find out how to get you out of this damned thing!

Craft your work around your life.

Not the other way around.

Sounds like a plan… but how?

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Let’s be honest: it’s hard to craft your freelance life because of all the work that needs to be done! How will you ever find the time to even think about this? That’s where I (and Asana) come in. 

Every self-respecting business owner needs to have a structure that works for him or her. A business is more then just selling and executing stuff. 

Most healthy businesses have a financial flow, an operational flow, an administrative flow, a sales and marketing flow. Some have also expanded and have specific team flows.

All those flows have to be alligned with one another for a smooth running business. These flows interact with each other and should be treated as such. 

This is what Asana can do for you. Not only creates Asana a consistent flow between all these different departements, but Asana also sets up the internal communication ánd creates the necessary dashboards for creating that helicopter view. 

These people already tested the waters before you…

I don’t know what you expect from an advisor, but for me, that person is someone who knows how to listen and give you the freedom to think your way.
Frankly, contact Frederik if you need it because he is 100 times better in person.

Raquel M Castellano

Social Media Marketing Strategist, KOO

Blessed insights gained during – what was initially intended as – an exploratory conversation with Frederik Daneels.

The connection was immediately great, and I’m not just talking about the internet connection 😀

It is possible, to connect via video call!

Jocelijn Geurts

Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship, Axudo

Frederik Daneels, who is an important pillar of support to this day, unburdens me, makes me better, and pushes me and Connexi to a higher level.

Bert Vandebuerie

Connecting entrepreneurs, Connexi

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