Thank you for attending the meetup!

Hi there! I hope you enjoyed the Meetup as much as I enjoyed it
myself :). I also hope it was valuable in the sense that you had some ideas to put into practice for your own business!

But eeuuuuuh…still some questions?

  • How to find the sweet spot for your pricing?
  • How to find more customers in a natural way?
  • What if I would like to make a change in my business, but I don’t know how…?

I have good news for you my friend, because we can just keep talking about it!


During a 1h SOS call I’ll help you…

  1. Define the core issue you’re struggling with
  2. Help you make a decision on any freelancing-topic
  3. Prepare you for how to make an offer to a potential client
  4. Help you with ‘tricky’ customer conversations

What’s the cost? Normally, I charge 150€ for an SOS-call, but for the freelancersclub this is now reduced to 100€! Yeaah 🙂

So want to keep talking? Let’s have an SOS-call. Book your spot underneath in the agenda and we’ll see each other soon on the other side! Succes!!

groene golfjes

Book your SOS-call

groene golfjes

Courses you might be looking for


In this class you will learn how to…

  1. Thoroughly prepare your next negotiation with a customer.
  2. Use a straightforward and highly successful strategy during your talk.
  3.  Look at the possible outcome, so that you can position this as a win-win negotiation.

Hourly rate or
project fee

How do you decide to go for one or the other or maybe even a combination of the two?

This course reveals the 3 most important pieces of the puzzle and how to fit them together to choose hourly rate or a project fee for your freelance work.

Learn to learn

and achieve anything you aim for. Learning is just another word for growing, and if you develop your learning muscles, you will be able to pick up new things faster and faster.

Mostly we think of learning to be difficult and tedious work, but it doesn’t have to be like this.
Learning can be effortless. 

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