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On this page you can find some tools and resources that are helpful for every freelancer. We all face the same challenges but mostly in a different setting and in a different size. 

I’ve stripped the flowcharts and the guidelines to the bare minimum so that they become adoptable for most situations. Feel free to download, use and redistribute any of these documents. Sharing is caring. 

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Hourly rate or project fee

“Do you go for an hourly rate or a project fee” is a question that frequently pops up, especially when a price offer has to be made for a new assignment. How do you decide to go for one or the other or maybe even a combination of the two?

Negotiate worksheet

Negotiate like a pro. Prepare your talks with future clients and have a clear strategy for your negotiation. Download the worksheet that will help you get the maximum out of your negotiations. 

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How to outsource

Outsourcing is a skill that can and should be learned as well.

Discover here why you should delegate certain tasks and how to that in the most efficient way.

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