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Flight simulator workshop: get your pitch straight

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What is a flight simulator workshop?

Imagine buying a car, you’d probably like to testdrive that car before you close that deal. Well, a flight simulator workshop gives you the chance to work on an idea concerning a certain topic (like a pitch) and to test it out in a safe and constructive environment. The audience consist of fellow freelancers who are experiencing the same challenges, and who help each other with improving your concept by sharing their thoughts.

Here are some of the benefits that our participants communicated to us:

      1. The practice time that I received, together with the constructive and honest feedback from colleague freelancers made a huge difference in improving my freelance skills.
      2. The small group (maximum 5) made sure that I felt safe to come out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t a ‘play’. It didn’t feel like a simulation,  giving me the confidence and trust that I can do this in real life as well!
      3. I didn’t expect this, but this workshop actually is like an intense network event, where we all connect because we face and work on the same challenges. I still have contact with some people who were part of the group!

What will I learn during this session?

After this workshop you will have learned how to pitch in a way that is natural, connecting and an invitation for having a conversation with the person next to you. You will learn how to use the right words and to express who you are and what you are doing in simple terms so that the one who is listening will have a clear picture (and can then pass that message on).

You will feel confident about your pitch as you have practiced it and given feedback on it by colleagues.

Is this workshop something for me?

This workshop is designed for you if:

  • You are getting nervous on forehand when you know you will have to introduce yourself
  • You are finding it difficult to find the right words to express what you do
  • You want to connect with people on events rather than feel as if your are selling yourself
  • You want to practice your pitch and get honest and constructive feedback on it by fellow freelancers

I want to join the next workshop, how?

You can hit the subscribe button to fill in your details. You will be added to a waiting list. The moment we have 5 people on this list, we will send out an invitation mail for the next workshop with some options for you to choose from. 

Practical stuff

    • Date: To be determined
    • Time: To be determined
    • Pricing: 35€
    • Language: English

Leading Instructor: Philip Verhaeghe

Ready to check if others get your pitch?

Still not sure if this session will work for you? I love to help you out! Send in your question.